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White's of Mid-Atlantic has been a regional factory Distributor for White's Electronics, Inc. since 1987.  Our full time effort since then has been to promote metal detecting as a hobby and White's products as the premier instruments to enjoy it.


We have established a network of over 240 White's dealers throughout our 16 state area reaches from the Canadian border to the South Carolina/Georgia border.  These dealers are trained in our products, and their responsible use.  Local Dealers are Local Experts in metal detecting.


We are blessed with some of our Nation's most historical regions, and the majority of the Civl War took place in our area.  Our customers have recovered thousands of artifacts reaching back to the earliest days of American history.


White's of Mid-Atlantic is a second generation, family owned business.  Each of us, and each of our associates here in Harrisburg, PA share a love of history, and a deep appreciation for the opportunities our business affords us to witness the recovery and preservation of important items.  We do not buy or sell these items.  We merely encourage their proper identification, preservation, and sharing.


A good metal detector is a tool.  It can last for decades and, coupled with research, it will yield many hours of family oriented fun.  White's detectors specialize in finding coins, jewelry, relics and prospecting for gold.


Our hobby has a slogan which says it all.  Enjoy Metal Detecting - The Hobby That Pays For  Itself.  Here at White's of Mid-Atlantic we believe this is true.  The key word is "Enjoy".  We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy sharing our enthusiasn for this great hobby with others.


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